Optimise your performance, your regeneration, your leadership skills, your career and your zest for life

  • We coached more than 1000 executives and spezialists successfully
  • Experience as leader and on board-level
  • Co-founded the Swiss market leader in Career Coaching

Executive Coaching

Precious time and space for reflextion
Develop your your power of leadership
Grow your business success

Career Coaching

Personal and professional assessment
Positioning, communication strategy and target market
Execute your career goal

Wim Hof Method

Higher performance
Greater energy level
Better sleep
Stronger concentration
Lower stress level
Faster regeneration
Higher vitality and quality of life

Personal Coaching

1:1 and telephone coaching

Fitness care and personal training

Tailor-made nutritional advice

Individually tailored training plans

Performance diagnostics (lactate step test)

Shopping and cooking together

Exchange of experiences in groups

Challenge trips

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"If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough." (Ellen Johnson Sirleaf)