Wim Hof Method Workshop


  • Higher level of energy and happiness
  • Better stressmanagement
  • Stronger immune system
  • Higher level of concentration and mental strenghs
  • More physical power
  • Quicker recovery (body and mind)

Motivation and goal


2015 was a really tough year for me. Accidentally I found a method with which I could continuously empower my mental and physical state. Since then I practice daily a short sequence, just because the positive effects are so significant. Leading universities like Stanford and publications in Nature and PNAS show the benefits under strictly scientific direction.


Since 2016 I am the first certified Wim Hof Method instructor in Switzerland and I feel better than ever before. Together with my wife Carla we train selected groups and individuals, so that they can also benefit from the tremendous positive effects on their privat and business life.



  • Intro and theory
  • WHM breathing technique
  • Controlled and relaxed bath in the lake or in a icebath
  • Debriefing and transfer into the daily life

 Preparation and follow-up for lasting results

  • After the registration you will receive further information for the optimal preparation of the workshop
  • After the workshop you will receive a workbook for the lasting integration into your daily life

2.12.2017 - Wim Hof Method Workshop in Zurich

From 11am - 5pm

Including light lunch, pre work and workbook for the optimal integration into the daily life

Not satisfied - money back :)

CHF 390.00

CHF 150.00

Testimonial - Documentation - Podcast about the Wim Hof Method